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Lady Planeswalker Society Meeting


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707 S Main St 91506 Burbank United States
Lady Planeswalker Society
"A Welcoming Place for Women (and Everyone of All Genders!) to Learn to Play Magic: The Gathering"

We're hosting the third meeting of the SFV Chapter of the Lady Planeswalker Society. This event is aimed at people looking to learn how to play magic and anyone looking for casual play.

For those new to Magic, we have some free sample decks available for you to learn with.

About the SFV Chapter
Based in Burbank and serving the San Fernando Valley, we are an all-inclusive volunteer group dedicated to creating a welcoming, friendly environment where you can learn how to play Magic: The Gathering.

About The Lady Planeswalker Society
Founded in Seattle in 2011 by Tifa Robles, the Lady Planeswalkers Society’s number one goal of the group is to break down the barriers of entry into Magic, but they also aim to provide a stepping-stone into tournament play.
With over 60 chapters in the world, LPS has been very successful and continues to grow. Outside of running tournaments in stores every week, the group also teaches Magic at many conventions with a large, dedicated staff of experienced teachers.
To find out more, visit the main LPS website at http://ladyplaneswalkers.weebly.com/