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Vajrayogini: Queen of the Dakinis with Vicki Noble


Yoga Blend
1921 W Magnolia Blvd 91506 Burbank United States
$75 by July 16th / $85 day of

Although countless and innumerable Dakinis (literally, “women who fly through space”) are recognized and honored in Tibetan Buddhism, Vajrayogini is the Queen of the Dakinis, the Red Goddess of Enlightenment at the heart of Vajrayana Tantric Buddhist tradition. In a simple sense, She represents “spontaneous enlightenment,” the ability to have direct perception or direct awareness. It is our purpose in this workshop to contact, experience, and integrate this explicitly gendered form of enlightenment into ourselves for awakening, empowerment, and agency (both personal and collective female agency). The resulting experience of this blazing red Dakini perception is BLISS; the outcome (and our assignment) is the alleviation of suffering in the world, wherever we find it, in ourselves and others.
Wear something red to honor Vajrayogini and bring a red flower (carnations are good, roses are lovely). If you have a necklace of 108 prayer beads (a mala) or a Tibetan bell, please bring them—but they are NOT required. Here is a link to an essay written by Vicki Noble; please read the essay before coming to the workshop: http://www.matrifocus.com/BEL09/noble.htm

Vicki Noble has been a trail blazer for Women's spirituality since the 1970's. Her teachings incorporate the language of Tibetan Buddhism because it recognizes that the Dakinis (“women who fly”) transmit teachings directly to reincarnated teachers without need of institutions; the language of Dzogchen because it recognizes the path of sudden awakening (the “path of no path”) yet embraces the profound teachings and transformative practices of tantric yoga (the yoga of channels and energies). She appreciates the language of cross-cultural shamanism because it accesses the invisible dimension of magic and healing power, remaining undomesticated and embedded in Nature. Vicki loves yoga—not for its bodybuilding capacities but for the medicine it truly is; Vicki currently teaches privately to women in her home, as well as publicly in the United States and extensively in Europe, especially Italy. She is the renowned author of several books and co-creator of the beloved Motherpeace Tarot deck.

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